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Intelligent Digital Asset Management Solution (iDAMS) is the only Digital Asset Management platform available free-to-use by the public sector on G-Cloud 13 built to meet the draft specification set out in the DCIA project and more. iDAMS aims to help local authorities and other asset owners to make their assets available to the telecoms industry.

It offers an online marketplace experience  to rent out assets for telecom site deployment and streamlines the site acquisition process using a familiar Google Maps interface, minimising the time and resources for asset owners to efficiently monetise their assets. iDAMS helps promote access to assets, attract connectivity investment and drive social benefits.

Best of all, it is free and open source enabling true partnership between public sector asset owners with mobile and neutral host operators facilitating streamlined and cost-effective deployments. Managing and streamlining the entire site acquisition process from enquiry to contract completion has never been easier.

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Open SourceFor organisations looking for greater control over their own digital asset data and flexibility to create and integrate their own asset acquisition process.
Control and VisibilityEnhanced tracking and monitoring across all asset categories providing visibility at a macro and micro level.
SecurityISO27001 process underpinning the highest level of security, from software and cloud-hosting infrastructure in resilient UK-based datacentres.
Ease of AccessIntuitive User Interface allowing users to focus on more important tasks.
Accurate Insights and AnalyticsAccess real-time analytics, reports, insights and graphical visualisations for effective decision making.
ComplianceEnsure efficient document sharing to stay in line with regulatory requirements.
ScalabilityAccommodates unlimited numbers of digital assets to grow with you as your needs expand.
Platform SupportDedicated and automated customer service ensures your process is continuously available and user questions are answered by your peers in the iDAMS community.
Our Users

Who can use iDAMS and why is it beneficial? Find out which industry sector can benefit from using the platform and how.

Local authorities can benefit from choosing iDAMS as it offers an efficient, transparent and configurable workflow for the asset rental process, eliminating the need for expensive process re-engineering.

iDAMS makes it simple to adopt standardised rental fees in line with the Electronic Communications Code which can reduce lengthy, expensive negotiations through a clear and concise pricing methodology. iDAMS also works minimal content management effort from day 1 which reduces the cost of expensive and time-consuming data cleansing.

Asset Owners

Data Management

Data Management for Asset Owners allows you to import data in almost any format, with flexible data mapping tools and minimum mandatory fields. It also offers open APIs to integrate other systems, as well as create assets manually. You can view and map assets in an admin panel view and a map view, and edit the location of assets easily. Additionally, you can filter and export asset data as needed.

Acquire Asset

We offer a comprehensive asset acquisition process that ensures Asset Owners are able to easily and efficiently rent out their desired assets. Our process allows for flexibility and configurability, with multiple stakeholders engaged in the process via step-by-step approvals. We strive to provide an iterative process that never gets stuck in a “black hole” and provides consistent, predictable results. Our platform also offers robust management, governance, and audit capabilities to ensure complex asset ownership structures are supported.

Asset Renters

Locate Assets

iDAMS for Asset Renters provides an easy-to-use platform with a familiar Google Maps interface. With its powerful search capabilities, Asset Renters can easily locate assets geographically, by post sector and post code, or view local authority boundaries. You can also filter assets by almost any category for use by concessionaires and Public Finance Initiatives (PFIs). Each asset type has its own unique icon so that it is easier to identify and select them. Plus, you can view detailed asset data onscreen or select assets with click, draw radius/polygon tools and save your selections including polygons for future use.

Mobile Network Operator Asset Data Management

The Mobile Network Operator Asset Data Management feature of iDAMS is designed to streamline the process of managing asset renters by allowing operators to import assets into a centralised system, store and manage all assets/sites in one place, add tech and cells installed at each asset/site, provide a single view of asset/site, tech, and cells, use database tools to create, read, update and delete records, integrate with AWTG SCAP module and existing OMC or SOC, as well as export data when needed.

Intelligent Digital Asset Management Solution (iDAMS) AWTG
Security matters:

Secure Cloud-based platform

AWTG is ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials Certified

AWTG is a Crown Commercial Service Supplier

AWTG is a G-cloud 13 Digital Marketplace Service Supplier

iDAMS is the first and only digital asset management platform available in G-cloud 13

Fully compliant with Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) security principles

Fully compliant with the National Cyber Security Centre’s Cloud Security Guidance

Uses 2-Factor Authentication for user access

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Shift from spreadsheets to a Cloud-Based Asset Management Software

Many businesses rely on spreadsheets and Excel files for their asset management process, but the time and effort required to update and maintain these systems can be a big drain on the business’s resources.
iDAMS is a cloud-based software platform, where all of your data can be accessed from any browser or device with an internet connection—no more searching through paper files or dealing with outdated software versions.

Benefits for Asset Owners:

Ensures the organisation continues to grow and expand with the correct and valuable use of assets

Keeps business on track and manage risk

Provides consistent stream of asset information making planning and maintenance on track

All information in one place with comprehensive reports

Benefits for Asset Renters/Consumers:

Helps in gathering analytical asset data that can be utilised to make data-driven decisions

Asset procurement made easy. Fully understand the need for a specific asset, availability and compliance

Decrease expenses related to procurement

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