PIM & Int. Iinvestigation for Tier 1 UK Operator

AWTG has a wealth of capability and experience on conducting PIM (Passive Intermodulation) testing and investigation in the UK, Europe and Middle East.

Recently AWTG was delighted to be commissioned to carry out PIM and interference investigation for a leading Tier 1 operator in the UK on some of their key central London sites. Performance at these sites had experienced a marked degradation with internal investigations to that point not yielding any conclusive answers. AWTG was awarded the contract to conduct PIM and external interference analysis to identify the underlying root cause of the degradation, which would then lead on to formulating and agreeing a resolution with the client to return the performance to acceptable levels.

Using our in-house testing suite and fully equipped drive testing vehicles, AWTG engineers attended site with a range of the market-leading test equipment such as ‘Site Master’, ‘Kalius PIM Tester’ and ‘Anritsu scanner’ to test the physical installation from the output of the radio cabinet up to and including the antenna itself. Once the on-site installation checks were completed and recorded, our engineers went on to conduct drive tests of the immediate and local site area to identify any possible sources of external interference which may be a contributing factor. The comprehensive testing methodology and results were presented in a standardised format for review and approval and through the course of our investigations we were able to identify items such as faulty antennas, connectors and feeders, which are issues that really need a physical site visit to check and verify and are difficult to diagnose through a desktop exercise alone.

Our PIM and interference testing services add real value to operators and service providers as it quickly enables them to identify and more importantly rectify customer impacting faults which are extremely difficult to detect remotely.