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Award winning apprenticeship, training and recruitment platform customised for each customer deployment and localised career growth opportunities. Includes mixed reality access with iOS and Android devices.


Platform designed to make working with youth groups more efficient and creating positive impact and outcomes for young people together with national youth programmes that empower, support and inspire the new generation.

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A platform to connect well-funded larger organisations with smaller ones, facilitating opportunities for apprenticeships, training, and skill improvement among the latter’s workforce.

Growing up with the ubiquitous influence of the internet and other modern information technologies has led to young people being labelled as "digital natives". Conversely, those who were raised before the advent of the digital age are considered "digital immigrants" and have had to adapt to new language and practices in relation to digital technologies.
AWTG's Youth Development Applications engage and empower young people by leveraging their strengths and providing opportunities, support, and positive relationships to foster their leadership skills.

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BeMore is a forward-thinking, one-stop shop designed to meet the needs of the Liverpool City Region’s young people as well as those looking for employment and career opportunities. It offers a fully-responsive website and mobile app that grants access to apprenticeships, training, employment, skills, and career advice. With its interactive design, vibrant layout, and AI-driven CV assistance, users are provided with tailored suggestions that correspond to their individual preferences and skill-sets. It additionally keeps them abreast of real-time vacancies in their local areas. 

The iYouth Platform comprises a responsive web-based application and integrated native mobile apps with numerous features. It can help local voluntary, community, and faith groups to organise grassroots activities such as youth clubs and sports clubs. This user-friendly mechanism enables people to partake in various educational, sporting, cultural, creative, socio-economic, and other beneficial leisure activities. It also helps group managers keep tabs on the progression of their members as they level up. The platform offers volunteers efficient and effective ways to gather, manage, and store data such as registration forms, consent forms, invoices, payments, timetables, bookings, and club policies. In addition, the system administrators and group managers are provided with the capability to book facilities, pitches, courts, and other equipment. Lastly, it also facilitates invoicing and payments for memberships and weekly subs.

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