Creating improvements in the delivery of public services through innovative solutions to the most pressing problems while enhancing the lives of community residents and enhancing local businesses.

Our Cutting-Edge Innovations


Award winning apprenticeship, training and recruitment platform customised for each customer deployment and localised career growth opportunities. Includes mixed reality access with iOS and Android devices.  


Platform designed to make working with youth groups more efficient and creating positive impact and outcomes for young people together with national youth programmes that empower, support and inspire the new generation. 


Innovative place making and commercial regeneration platform that supports reimagining and reinventing public spaces, reshaping the public realm to create value for everyone and addressing the physical, cultural, and social identities that define a place and support the growth of local businesses. 

We are committed to enhancing the lives of people within government and public sector organisations through our groundbreaking initiatives. We strive to provide services that are cost-effective and dependable, offering our services to countries all over the world. All of this is provided with a commitment to providing a top-tier level of customer service and doing so with the utmost integrity.

Utilising the latest cloud, automation, data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and innovative platforms, AWTG helps improve government operations. The solutions are designed to manage various sectors including healthcare, education, transportation, youth needs, tourism, business and more. These measures will not only allow for confident handling of public safety and emergencies but also facilitate the reduction of costs and personalisation of interactions between staff and constituents.

What We Do

We provide connectivity, software platforms and services for: 

  • Repurposing town and city centre buildings for retail, leisure, shared workspace, residential and community group use. 
  • Improving the public realm, making towns and cities more accessible, helping people get around more easily, making people feel safe and secure. 
  • Helping local businesses to survive, recover and flourish. 
  • Providing apps for tourism, heritage, local identity and e-commerce that provide information, services and promote local businesses. 
  • Making town and city centres ‘the place to be’ – vibrant, fun, exciting environments that attract people and increase their dwell time. 
  • Introducing sustainable and active travel plans. Improving and encouraging the use of public transport, electric cars and bikes. Creating towns and cities that are cleaner, quieter, safer and more welcoming. 

Our AI Platforms and Capabilities: 

  • IoT  management. Management, tracking and handling sensors, as well as command and control of actuators with voice, text and touch interfaces . 
  • Matchmaking and recommendation. Used for electronic commerce and requirement matching to match users to products or requirements. 
  • AI assistant. Multi-purpose conversational AI assisting in user interaction and performance of specific tasks.

What to Expect:  

  • Helping transformation for the Smart Cities of the future 
  • Turning businesses to Smart Enterprises 
  • Improving sales and business performance 
  • Enhancing productivity and customer experiences 
  • Helping make lives better

By replacing human drivers, CAVs will also be able to deliver several other benefits, including enhanced accident avoidance and overall safety, smarter route planning to minimise congestion, and improved energy efficiency. Traffic signals are a great example: soon, roadside infrastructure equipped with CAV communication capabilities will be able to automatically change their colors, so you will never have to wait at a red signal when there is no cross-traffic.

Our Services:

  • Communication solutions for CAVs (5G, LTE-V, IEEE 802.11p-derive solutions, ETSI ITS-G5, DSRC/WAVE1609, etc.).
  • Cloud platforms and AI support for CAVs and smart transport solutions.

We provide connectivity, software platform and services for: 

  • Supporting local voluntary, community and faith groups to operate grass roots activities such as youth clubs, sports clubs, dance clubs and amateur dramatics. 
  • Enabling people to meet and participate in a wide range of educational, sporting, cultural, creative, community and other fun leisure activities. 
  • Enabling young people to decide their career directions by providing immersive and engaging view of  possible career paths. 
  • Showcase available career opportunities locally helping improve the local economy. 
  • Ensuring that volunteers are checked and vetted, that they are trained in child protection, and that they comply with health and safety and other appropriate legislative and regulatory requirements. 
  • Providing the online training needed by volunteers such as first aid, grant applications, GDPR etc. 
  • Enabling volunteers to gather, manage and store information efficiently and effectively to minimise the administrative burden upon them – such as registration and consent forms, invoices and payments, timetables and bookings, club policies and noticeboards. 

We provide connectivity, software platforms and services for: 

  • Enabling people to live in their own home for as long as possible. 
  • Enabling people to maintain their independence, their health and their wellbeing. 
  • Helping people to continue to make their own decisions in life, to maintain their autonomy. 
  • Reducing the strain on family members as carers, providing comfort and assurance. 
  • Preventing admissions to hospitals and to care homes and keeping in-patient care as short as possible. 
  • Reducing the amount of domiciliary support that people need. 

Case Study

BeMore is a forward-thinking, one-stop shop designed to meet the needs of the Liverpool City Region’s young people as well as those looking for employment and career opportunities. It offers a fully-responsive website and mobile app that grants access to apprenticeships, training, employment, skills, and career advice. With its interactive design, vibrant layout, and AI-driven CV assistance, users are provided with tailored suggestions that correspond to their individual preferences and skill-sets. It additionally keeps them abreast of real-time vacancies in their local areas. 

The iYouth Platform comprises a responsive web-based application and integrated native mobile apps with numerous features. It can help local voluntary, community, and faith groups to organise grassroots activities such as youth clubs and sports clubs. This user-friendly mechanism enables people to partake in various educational, sporting, cultural, creative, socio-economic, and other beneficial leisure activities. It also helps group managers keep tabs on the progression of their members as they level up. The platform offers volunteers efficient and effective ways to gather, manage, and store data such as registration forms, consent forms, invoices, payments, timetables, bookings, and club policies. In addition, the system administrators and group managers are provided with the capability to book facilities, pitches, courts, and other equipment. Lastly, it also facilitates invoicing and payments for memberships and weekly subs.

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