Designing, planning, deploying, optimising and operating reliable and high quality telecommunications services.

Our High Quality Services

At AWTG, we understand the importance of high-performance multi-vendor networks in the mobile and network operator industry. We provide cost-efficient solutions that meet the demands of today and the needs of the future. We offer services that range from introducing multi-vendor networks to deploying 5G based station sites or even replacing ageing equipment to help enhance operational efficiency.

We have an experienced team of engineers who have worked on a variety of major projects in the industry. This includes providing core network infrastructure for major companies, events and organisations across the UK. We are proud that our services allow our customers to deliver an excellent customer experience across the UK.

The potential to establish a head start in the competition is finding a partner that they can get the future they envision. This is AWTG.

What We Do

  • Network rollout procedure
  • Expansion and upgrade
  • Coverage and performance prediction and planning
  • Technical site design
  • Fibre and microwave backhaul design
  • Site engineering and civils
  • Equipment installation
  • Equipment commissioning
  • Masts and antenna mounting
  • Network integration
  • Service testing and validation
  • Fibre and microwave connectivity
  • Quality of service testing
  • Quality of user experience testing
  • Network benchmarking
  • Network optimisation
  • Configuration audits
  • Parameter audit and tuning
  • Coverage and performance enhancement
  • First line support
  • Network integration
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Network operations
AWTG stands out amongst its competitors with its number of advantages. With all senior staff having a minimum of fifteen years of experience, their expertise is unparalleled. The team has the right toolset to back it up, including custom-built drive test vehicles and data capture software. Their agile nature allows them to customise their services to fit the customer needs, and their responsiveness means they'll work to your timetable. We offer cost-effective services and our expertise extends to all stages of the network lifecycle, from design to service activation and civil works and fibre installation. We also have a rigorous design accuracy approach, double checking every step for precision.

Analyse the problem

Our experts at AWTG will work with your team to evaluate existing IT and network architecture and determine where improvements are necessary in order to develop the most suitable and productive solution.

Suggest solution

In order to ensure that all proposed solutions are precisely tailored to the requirements of your enterprise, our team pays close attention not just to the technical features but also to the financial specifications to meet your economic criteria.

Initiate Infrastructure

Our team can provide ideal suggestions for revamping or modernising your existing technology using reliable resources and tools.

Design and Deploy

AWTG will facilitate the setup of a streamlined IT and network system that requires minimal interference to your business' day-to-day operations. After the completion of the process, you will be provided with an efficient, customisable IT and network solution to optimise the growth of your business.

5G Private Networks

With a 5G Mobile Private Networks, companies can make a massive leap forward in thier tecnnological capabilities. This dedicated on-site network is specifically designed to fit the needs businesses, from factories and public spaces to mining and port operations, giving you total coverage and complete control of your data and communications infrastructure. It delivers fast and secure connections with the highest levels of performance, ideal for applications ranging from construction , manufacturing, logistics, utilities, transportation to secured operations.

Wireless Connectivity

AWTG is the leading systems integrator for private networks in the UK specialising in cutting edge technologies in both mobile and enterprise networks. Our teams of professional network engineers have extensive experiences in designing, deploying and optimising networks for corporate offices, shopping centres, event spaces, public areas and institutional buildings. Our expetise covers mobile networks, enterprise IT networks, IoT networks and secured private networks.

Wi-Fi for Healthcare Establishments and Hospitals

Our mission is to optimise patient and caregiver experience through quality Wi-Fi services in healthcare and hospital settings, so healthcare professionals can concentrate on providing excellent care.

Wireless networks are fast becoming essential for Health and Social Care. Below are some health and social care use cases enabled by WiFi and wireless networking:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Body-Worn Sensors
  • Business Intelligence
  • Clinical Decision Support Systems
  • Clinical Research
  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Connected And Assistive Living
  • Connected Medical Devices
  • Digital First
  • Digital Inclusion
  • Electronic Medical Record
  • 5G Networks
  • Imaging
  • Information Security
  • Information Sharing
  • Intelligent Automated Triage
  • Patient Empowerment
  • Patient Monitoring
  • Patient Self Service
  • Performance Management
  • Population Health Data
  • Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Remote Video Surgery
  • Remote Working
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Telemedicine
  • Transformation
  • Virtual Reality
  • Virtual Wards
  • Voice Recognition

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