AWTG is your trusted partner from experience design to successful implementation of your innovative ideas all the way to powering growth for your business.

Our Cutting-Edge Innovations

iChatInnovative video conversations based on specific topics that can be embedded on any customer service application.
Recommended AIMatch products and services to customers who are willing to buy them.
AR Location-based AdvertisingEncourage customer purchases through positive surprises.
The rise of e/m-commerce has resulted in a steady increase in online spending across the world. For business owners accustomed to brick-and-mortar stores or traditional e-commerce models, transitioning to m-commerce may seem intimidating. However, AWTG acknowledges this concern and aims to assist every step of the way, demonstrating the multitude of benefits that make the shift a worthwhile business decision.

What We Do

  • Enterprise Platform
  • Cloud Computing
  • Middleware
  • Applications
  • Artificial Intelligence

Our AI Platforms and Capabilities:

  • IoT management. Management, tracking and handling sensors, as well as command and control of actuators with voice, text and touch interfaces .
  • Matchmaking and recommendation. Used for electronic commerce and requirement matching to match users to products or requirements.
  • AI assistant. Multi-purpose conversational AI assisting in user interaction and performance of specific tasks.

What to Expect: 

  • Helping transformation for the Smart Cities of the future
  • Turning businesses to Smart Enterprises
  • Improving sales and business performance
  • Enhancing productivity and customer experiences
  • Helping make lives better
As the world confronts a persistent danger like Covid-19, businesses have been forced to innovate in the ways they approach travel and work. To bring telepresence solutions to the next level, AWTG provides innovation to immersive communication technologies. By making use of 5G, latency is greatly reduced and the sensation of talking to someone on the other side of the world is like having them right beside you.
Our Services:
  • Low-latency Mixed Reality implementation
  • AI Assistant integration
  • Immersive and smart applications development

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