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Our Cutting-Edge Innovations

Private enterprises are crucial in fostering innovation, competition, and entrepreneurship. By driving technological advancements and generating new products and services that address the evolving demands of consumers and their own human resources, private enterprises make an indispensable contribution to progress of society

AWTG recognises the pivotal role played by private enterprises by providing our services and platforms, we aid the development and commercialisation of various innovations that help enterprises achieve their goals and objectives.

What We Do

AWTG’s advanced network services is your advantage and differentiator in providing in delivering excellent customer experiences. Expect a profound transformation for the future, allowing use of data-intensive applications like mixed – reality and 8K video, mission-critical low latency applications such as manufacturing control, and flawless connectivity for connected and autonomous vehicles. At AWTG, we are driving technological advancements through providing innovations in connectivity, as we’ve been doing for the past 17 years when new communication systems come along. 

 Our Services:  

  • Solution design, architecture and plans 
  • Network deployment, implementation and systems integration 
  • Integrated service platforms 
  • Use cases and applications development 
  • End-to-end business and operational service development 
  • Managed network services 


Our AI Platforms and Capabilities: 

  • IoT  management. Management, tracking and handling sensors, as well as command and control of actuators with voice, text and touch interfaces . 
  • Matchmaking and recommendation. Used for electronic commerce and requirement matching to match users to products or requirements. 
  • AI assistant. Multi-purpose conversational AI assisting in user interaction and performance of specific tasks.

What to Expect:  

  • Helping transformation for the Smart Cities of the future 
  • Turning businesses to Smart Enterprises 
  • Improving sales and business performance 
  • Enhancing productivity and customer experiences 
  • Helping make lives better

By replacing human drivers, CAVs will also be able to deliver several other benefits, including enhanced accident avoidance and overall safety, smarter route planning to minimise congestion, and improved energy efficiency. Traffic signals are a great example: soon, roadside infrastructure equipped with CAV communication capabilities will be able to automatically change their colors, so you will never have to wait at a red signal when there is no cross-traffic.

Our Services:

  • Communication solutions for CAVs (5G, LTE-V, IEEE 802.11p-derive solutions, ETSI ITS-G5, DSRC/WAVE1609, etc.).
  • Cloud platforms and AI support for CAVs and smart transport solutions.
As the world confronts a persistent danger like Covid-19, businesses have been forced to innovate in the ways they approach travel and work. To bring telepresence solutions to the next level, AWTG provides innovation to  immersive communication technologies.  By making use of 5G, latency is greatly reduced and the sensation of talking to someone on the other side of the world is like having them right beside you.
Our Services:
  • Low-latency Mixed Reality implementation
  • AI Assistant integration
  • Immersive and smart applications  development

Industry 4.0 paves the way for smart manufacturing and efficient production using intelligent connected machines. At the heart of this is AWTG’s capability to deliver and deploy robust connectivity platforms for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), low latency applications and effective robotic automation. 

Our Services:  

  • Low-latency IoT network implementation 
  • AI Assistant integration 
  • Smart applications  development 

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