Secured and high performing private network for your business fully integrated to fulfill your innovations.

Our Cutting-Edge Innovations

In today's fast-paced digital world, privacy and security are paramount concerns for enterprises, businesses and organisations alike. Traditional mobile networks often fall short in providing the level of protection necessary to keep their data safe. AWTG’s Mobile Private Network Service offering delivers cutting-edge technology that combines the best aspects of secured data communication services and mobile connectivity. We design, deploy, integrate, and operate Private Networks to create secure and private wireless communication capabilities for our clients to access their data, ensuring that it remains confidential, whilst online activities remain anonymous and secure. Our consulting team works with our clients to establish network solutions that deliver value-added benefits.
AWTG enables Business clients to revolutionise their Mobile Experience with Mobile Private Network Services.

What We Do

We employ detailed Radio design and network planning techniques to deliver high quality radio environments that deliver optimum performance for wireless connectivity. The product is a mobile network that assures lightning-fast internet connectivity while enjoying the peace of mind that comes with knowing your data is secure. The Mobile Private Network that we deliver can be easily integrated into your existing mobile devices, ensuring a hassle-free transition to a more secure and private online experience. 

We understand that there are many options available for Mobile Private Networks and at AWTG we will work with your organisation to deliver a network that suits your needs. Our MPNS is built on a robust infrastructure that guarantees uptime and stability. We offer competitive pricing plans to suit individual users, families, and businesses of all sizes. Our MPN solutions are designed to be user-friendly, ensuring that end users can integrate current and future Applications and use it with ease. 

AWTG are vendor agnostic with several years of Mobile Private Network Systems Integration expertise. We leverage our experience to design and deliver best in-class network solutions enabling clients to combat cyber threats, data breaches, and surveillance. With our MPN Solutions, your online communications and activities are shielded from prying eyes, making it virtually impossible for anyone to intercept your data. Our design aims to deliver a private network that protects your sensitive corporate data and communications with military-grade encryption and security protocols, ensuring your company remains safe from cyber threats. 

AWTG Mobile Private Network (MPN) Service

Our expert team with extensive experience, in designing and deploying 5G, 4G and Enterprise Wi-Fi network, provides a comprehensive and standardised way of depicting business processes within an organization to deliver a private network that facilitates the transfer of communication data and connectivity requirements for such processes.

Our MPN team’s focus is on the delivery of Mobile Private Networks that ensures robust management and seamless integration of an organisations services. Our processes and functions encompass activities related to the design, delivery, and management of services in a telecom environment. AWTG aims to ensure that services are efficiently and effectively integrated into the organisations environment while maintaining a high level of service quality and consistency. AWTG’s MPN solution enable clients to reduce operational inefficiencies, enhance service quality, and ultimately deliver better experiences to their customers. It plays a crucial role in ensuring that telecom services are designed, delivered, and managed effectively throughout their lifecycle.

Key components and aspects of AWTG’s services


Service Design, Development and Activation

This involves the creation, development and operation of applications and network services. It includes the definition and validation of use cases, applications, service specifications, features, and the necessary resources required to enable such services. Our team works with the clients to ensure timely activation and provisioning of services for customers, ensuring that they are set up correctly and can start using the services as intended. This also includes managing the configuration of network elements and services to ensure they are aligned with customer requirements and business objectives.

Service Deployment and Delivery

MPN deploys and delivers the end-to-end solution to satisfy customer service requests and fulfil the customers’ requirements. The MPN organisation manages the deployment, provisioning, and activation, of the MPN solutions to ensure that customers receive the required connectivity services. By incorporating MPN solutions to facilitate the management of their connectivity, the MPN service enables clients to streamline their service management and systems integration processes.

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