The AWTG team is committed to cultivating a successful culture that drives our transformation and sustains our global growth. Get to know the some of the brilliant minds behind our strides towards sustainability and innovation.
Abbey Alidoosti20230101121556

Abbey Alidoosti

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer
Siavash Alamouti20230102120101

Siavash Alamouti

Executive Advisor
Tony Sceales20230102154323

Tony Sceales

Ian Vernon20230103154724

Ian Vernon

Chief Operating Officer
Ian Groves20230104154957

Ian Groves

Head of Consultancy
Prof. Hamid Aghvami20230105121336

Prof. Hamid Aghvami

Advisory Board Member
Matt Moayedi20230106155240

Matt Moayedi

Director of Engineering
David Mintah20230107161545

David Mintah

Director of Service Innovation
Mike Carter20230109162228

Mike Carter

Director of Public Networks
Zeerak Akbar20230110162551

Zeerak Akbar

Director for Operations
Taras Motulski20230111162820

Taras Motulski

Operations Manager - Software Department
Dr. Jue Cao20230112163420

Dr. Jue Cao

Research and Development Manager
Sering Harding20230113164101

Sering Harding

Radio Network Planning and Optimisation Manager
Metti Jab20230114055217

Metti Jab

Project Manager
Dr. Sanaz Soltani20230115164621

Dr. Sanaz Soltani

Security Technical Lead
Maria Berezkina20230117164411

Maria Berezkina

Project Manager
Omar Gaye20230118165403

Omar Gaye

Network Solutions Architect
Moetaz Abdelkader20230119055312

Moetaz Abdelkader

RAN Design Technical Lead
Bahar Bilan20230120165824

Bahar Bilan

Wi-Fi Networks Technical Lead
Kevin Nejad20230121165615

Kevin Nejad

A.I. Lead
Jasmina Patel20230122165955

Jasmina Patel

Finance Controller
Joseph Otekala20230123054746

Joseph Otekala

Finance Manager
Sheena Lawrence20230125060034

Sheena Lawrence

Recruitment Manager
Charisma Quebral20230125170352

Charisma Quebral

Marketing Manager
Hitechi Virchande20230126101103

Hitechi Virchande

O-RAN Subject Matter Expert
Julian Garrett20230126165011

Julian Garrett

O-RAN Expert Consultant
Paul Cadman20230127055645

Paul Cadman

Deployment Manager
Daisy Shi20230128060058

Daisy Shi

Associate Project Manager
Igors Lapinskis20230203060518

Igors Lapinskis

Software Solutions Architect
Hoss Afroog20231213075742

Hoss Afroog

O-RAN Subject Matter Expert
Rod MacFadyen20231213081215

Rod MacFadyen

Bid Architect
Dr. Dianna Henry Selvaraj20231218093039

Dr. Dianna Henry Selvaraj

Health Innovation Expert