5G SA Core – AWTG and UofG completes Interop tests at University of Glasgow

AWTG in collaboration with The University of Glasgow (5G Centre) have successfully completed 5G vendor Interoperability tests on the 5G network deployed at the university. The testbed is the urban testbed funded by the Scotland 5G Centre as part of wave 1 projects. The tests managed by AWTG were focused on the interoperability of 5G Standalone architecture between the Nokia Radio Access Network, and the 5G SA core of the University of Surrey (5GIC) and Druid Software Raemis platform. The network operation is normally powered by the Nokia RAN and Core. The verification of interoperability between the RAN and Core network of other vendors confirms the equipment diversification compliance and resilience of the University of Glasgow’s 5G network. The testing also expresses the flexibility and variety of the service offered by the University of Glasgow to Industry and academic partners to make use of the testbed.

AWTG and the University of Glasgow are keen to highlight the additional service offering that the testbed provides in the assurance of vendor interoperability, 5G network performance and 5G feature functionality. The additional capability and utility of the testbed (demonstrated with the interoperability tests) builds on the established excellent work on 5G innovation, use cases and applications, that the facility and both organisations are renowned for. The testing proves the capabilities enabled by the University of Glasgow state of the art 5G facility. The tests performed within a week demonstrates AWTG’s ability to perform complex integration and interoperability tests within very short timescales. The successful 5GIC interoperability test was conducted with the remote Core located at the University of Surrey (Guildford) whilst connected via a VPN to the University of Glasgow’s testbed (RAN). A locally deployed 5GIC Core is an option for deployment. The Druid Software Raemis Core solution was locally deployed.