Since its inception, AWTG has made great strides, and their milestones and achievements are worth noting.


AWTG was established

Founded in 2006 to provide advanced professional services catering to the specific needs of the telecommunications industry.


Both Barnsley and Kingston Public mesh network Wi-Fi and small Cell were deployed in 2011.

5G milestones

First 5G test bed and 5G core network in the UK in 2015 at University of Surrey.

SIP and SSIP Forum Memberships

AWTG became a member of the Scotland Innovation Programme (SIP) and Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSIP) Forum.

First 5G Core Network

AWTG work closely with University of Surrey “ 5GIC” to developed first 5G core network in the UK and the provisioning of software solutions and applications.

Worcestershire 5G Consortium

AWTG was one of the companies that won the 25M£ competition as part of the Worcestershire 5G Consortium.

5G Leadership Award

Worcestershire 5G Consortium where AWTG is a partner was shortlisted for 5G Leadership Award.

Year of expansion and collaboration

AWTG invested £2.5 million in 5G expansion; became a supplier for the Crown Commercial Service’s Spark DPS and NHS NOE CPC. Collaborated with University of Glasgow on 5G and robotic application development and with Lime Microsystems and University of Surrey for the implementation of a 5G system.

2021 proved to be an incredibly thriving year for AWTG

Designed, implemented, and managed the 5G network powering the Dundee Scotland 5G Centre Hub. AWTG engineered, established, and assessed a private 5G stand-alone network for the Scottish Esports League. Lastly, the firm joined the Dundee Waterfront Free Public Wi-fi Initiative as a partner.

More achievements

AWTG had the honour of being selected as a supplier for G-Cloud 13. At 5G World, the company showcased the most up-to-date holoportation technology. The CEO of AWTG, Abbey Alidoosti, was appointed to the UKI-FNI Technical Advisory Board.

Multi-million Consortiums

AWTG was awarded and led the multi-million funded consortium by the DCMS FRANC to deliver the Flex-5G project and Flexi-DAS consortium for DCMS’s OpenRAN R&D collaboration with the Republic of Korea. Participated on DCMS’s FONRC through TUDOR consortium.

Exciting times ahead

AWTG achieves ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certification and Cyber Essentials Plus. BeMore, the AI and AR-powered apprenticeship app of Liverpool that AWTG designed and deployed, won Technology Award at LGC Awards. AWTG was also part of the first ever real-time virtual production trial in the UK using Flex-5G technology.

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