AWTG’s AI Solutions Shares Great Opportunities to Public Sector Customers

AWTG’s ranking as the 3rd Fastest Growing Public Sector Company in Tussell and UKTech’s Top 200 has inspired us to strive even harder towards developing innovative ideas that can further enhance our contributions to the Public Sector.  

Introducing Artificial Intelligence (AI) Co-Pilots into our current public sector projects presents a range of exciting challenges and opportunities. As we prepare to launch our AI solutions, we have identified several potential benefits of integrating AI into our existing public sector initiatives. 


With the help of AWTG’s AI Co-Pilot, administrative tasks like data entry, document processing, analytics, and record-keeping can be automated, freeing up time for employees to focus on more valuable tasks. For the youth development public sector platform developed by AWTG, the AI can assist with tasks such as sorting and managing users; automatically publishing events and resources for youth clubs; and analysing the effectiveness of events.  

Assistance and Analytics  

Using the Apprenticeship Platform as an example, AI Assistants can handle routine enquiries, provide information, and guiding apprentices through the maze of career and apprenticeship options, these AI Assistants can analyse volumes of data and identify patterns and trends. This, in turn, ensures that all users have a positive experience and helps the app improve both in terms of content and features. 

Real-time and pro-active monitoring and assessment 

AWTG’s newly developed levymatchmaking platform has paved way for an idea of our AI solution to have a feature to assess situations at scale, encouraging it to provide proactive advice to enterprises on their eligibility to apply for levy funds. Or a feature for users of the apprenticeship app to check their eligibility for programmes using their CV information and platform behaviour. Apart from end users, the platform also benefits the administrative side by monitoring its performance or detecting dormant accounts and sending email reminders for their last login. 



AWTG is committed to promoting the responsible handling and management of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and adhering to the European Union’s 7-point Guidelines for Trustworthy AI. Our belief in the potential of AI to benefit both organisations and their users is unwavering.

As the world continues to shift towards a digital workspace powered by AI, it is crucial for public sector agencies to adapt to this change in order to improve citizen services, drive innovation, and enhance efficiency. AWTG is committed to being a catalyst for this transformation and enabling agencies to capitalise on the many opportunities that arise.