AWTG shares progress on Open RAN as it continues RIC (xApps, rApps) technology testing

In a remarkable stride towards advancing Open RAN technology, AWTG shares its significant progress in deploying and operating 5G Open RAN networks with RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC) technology. RIC stands out for its ability to control and optimise RAN resources through near real-time analytic processing, providing adaptive recommendations to network operators.

AWTG’s commitment to leveraging RIC technology and creating innovations that drives adoption of Open RAN has seen a flurry of activities within its labs, focusing on testing the platform’s capabilities to address various Open RAN network deployment and operation challenges. These efforts underscore the pivotal role of RIC in enhancing network performance, ensuring service diversity, and promoting multi-vendor interoperability, which is critical for the seamless automation of network operations.

At the heart of the RIC’s functionality are xApps and rApps – applications specifically designed to run on this open platform, facilitating optimal and intelligent control of RAN resources. AWTG’s proactive approach to developing efficient, secure, and scalable solutions for these xApps/rApps promises a transformative impact on how network operators optimise resources and launch new services, all while managing network capacity effectively.

AWTG is not only testing the waters but also actively shaping future possibilities. The company is at the forefront of testing various implementation models that highlight the versatile use cases of RIC technology. From network slicing and mobile broadband to mission-critical communications, the potential applications of this technology are vast and varied, presenting exciting opportunities for innovation in the 5G ecosystem.

AWTG is a recipient of various ONE Ecosystem awards geared towards the creation of open platforms for a highly intelligent, high-performing RAN architecture, these tests are also integral on achieving the project goal of developing a highly efficient, secure, and scalable Open RAN Intelligent control (RIC) framework.

Looking ahead, AWTG is poised to showcase fully functioning intelligent xApps/rApps, marking a significant milestone in the practical application of RIC technology. This initiative is expected to offer a glimpse into the future of 5G networks, where intelligence, flexibility, and efficient management converge to create robust and adaptable telecom infrastructures.