AWTG Showcases Groundbreaking AI Innovations at CWTEC 2024

Cambridge, UK — AWTG is currently making waves at the Cambridge Wireless Technology Engineering Conference (CWTEC) 2024: Engineering AI for Critical Systems, being held at the Cambridge Computer Labs. The event, which focuses on pioneering advancements and the future of AI technology, has gathered some of the brightest minds in the field. Positioned prominently in the exhibition hallway, AWTG is prepared to unveil a series of their latest AI innovations. Attendees can look forward to demos of our No-Code AI Assistant, known as Kai, which is integrated into various platforms including the LCRCA BeMore Apprenticeship website and the South Yorkshire Apprenticeship and Levy Matchmaking website. Another highlight is the Marks and Spencer Shopping Assistant use case, showcasing Kai’s capabilities in providing personalised recommendations and customer service guidance.


In addition to these use cases, AWTG is set to demonstrate other AI integrations such as Smart Co-Pilot for telecommunication data analysis, and solutions for congestion management, traffic steering, self-service, and automated analytics. Of particular note is AWTG’s advancement in AI and ML within the O-RAN architecture through the development of rApps and xApps, aimed at real-time network optimisation and strategic long-term planning. These innovations promise to tackle significant challenges in modern telecom network management and enhance operational efficiencies. For those interested in a closer look or seeking consultations, AWTG’s AI experts will be available throughout the event to discuss these cutting-edge technologies.