Strengthening Capabilities Through Strategic Acquisition

As AWTG aims to further strengthen their capabilities, AWTG acquired DM Tech LLC. DM Tech LLC have outstanding experience in the fields of software development, artificial intelligence, big data, large scale networks and emergency services to name a few. With AWTG’s recent acquisition of DM Tech LLC, AWTG’s expands its suite of services to include software and product development. By Integrating DM Tech LLC to AWTG’s operation, AWTG expands its services to Software and Technology Engineering, Software Development Outsourcing, Rapid Prototyping and Artificial Intelligence.

Abbey Alidoosti, AWTG CEO said, “This is a continuation of our expansion strategy. This acquisition puts AWTG in a better market position as we now can offer software services to our current clients and will also help us acquire more partners in the future. This is a boost to AWTG’s presence in the technology sector today as we interconnect telco and software expertise into one company.”.

The world’s telecommunication is rapidly evolving and software technology changes that picture dramatically. Having one company that understand your requirements and can provide solutions for both your telecommunication and your technological needs gives more efficiency to your business and will yield faster growth in your company’s future.