AWTG Delivering Innovative Solutions to Enhance Public Services and Empower Younger Generation

AWTG focuses on delivering innovative solutions to improve access to public services, enhance the local community and support local businesses. We are proud to have projects that involve apprenticeships, training, and recruitment platforms, as well as initiatives to work with youth groups and empower the younger generation.

Our recent projects have received recognition for their innovation and impact. One of these is the LCRCA BeMore mobile and website application, designed for apprentices to easily create and access their CV, explore apprenticeship opportunities, and develop their careers. We have also collaborated with Youth Work Ireland to develop a youth development application, providing helpful information and resources for youth club members, volunteers, and parents. Our recent innovation in the apprenticeship space was highlighted when the South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority mentioned the SYMCA Apprenticeship and Levymatchmaking Service Platform at their Apprenticeship Hub launch.

AWTG’s dedication to creativity and effectiveness is reflected in these successful projects. To learn more about our services and solutions for the public sector, click here: