AWTG ready to discuss the future of IoT at the IoT Tech Expo 2023

Join us at the IoT Tech Expo on Thursday, where we will showcase our innovative technology that aims to lead the ever-evolving IoT industry. Our stand, numbered 168, will host renowned experts in Reflective Intelligent Surfaces (RIS) and wireless communications who will share the latest advancements and research in RIS and the Flexi-DAS Project, as well as explore the potential deployment of this technology in future networks .

RIS technology tackles the challenge of patchy connectivity in urban areas where mobile signals do not penetrate into buildings. By sensing and redirecting the signal into the indoors, it effectively eliminates blind spots and continuously reflects signals by tracking the user.

On Day 2 of the event, AWTG’s COO, Ian Vernon, will be part of the panel discussion about the holistic approach required to address the connectivity landscape. It involves aligning customers’ needs across the connectivity space to cater to both short and long-term device / service lifecycles. If this is something that peak your interest, click here to register or learn more about the event.