AWTG & King’s College London on airborne pollution

AWTG, with King’s College, is currently evaluating the use of Alphasense particle sensor on its cloud platform for particle monitoring.
Utilising our cloud-based IoT platform (PULSUS), AWTG aim to enable our clients to deploy environmental monitoring solutions that will provide a range of benefits to the local and central government as well as the general public. AWTG is to create an M2M solution platform to enable SMART city initiatives with an automated system utilising sensor network for particle/emissions/gases monitoring and reporting, to provide direct feedback of the city’s emissions reductions/ pollution control initiatives. AWTG believe the first step is the selection of the sensor and the creation of a data gathering mechanism capable of generating open data. The next step would be the integration of the sensor network data into analysis/prediction tools and into a decision support system.