AWTG’s Lab Facilities are open to SME and Startups

AWTG invites SME and start-ups to test their products, applications and innovations in our state-of-the-art lab facilities in London. AWTG is a leading player in the ongoing development of 5G private networks contributing to the establishment of national testbeds, innovative use cases, network automation, security/resilience solutions and testing, operations monitoring and network deployment and optimisation. AWTGs lab is equipped with end-to-end network infrastructure, 4G/5G core network capabilities, radio access network elements, mobile edge computing nodes, hardware and software measurement tools. We have in-house expertise in both IT and CT (Communication technologies).

Introducing new networks and technologies can bring many connectivity changes and challenges, not all of them are fully understood at first. Digital transformation impacts legacy systems, current operations and investment. These are some of the issues that any organisation should consider in the modernisation of their business and the optimisation of their assets.  AWTG has extensive experience in digital transformation. Our lab (which incorporates a customer testbed and hosting platform) is ideal for fulfilling an organisation’s digital transformation needs. It also provides the perfect environment for testing and developing solutions safely and securely. We have adopted a security first model for network and associated systems development. Our testbed is constantly reviewed, monitored, evaluated, and tested internally and externally to ensure security compliance. We perform quality audits frequently to ensure a defect-free test environment.

Using AWTG testbeds and resources affords an organisation a first-class independent testing facility, a 5G next-generation testbed infrastructure, and the technical expertise to enhance an organisations capacity to develop solutions, products and applications. AWTG takes on the heavy lifting and ensures that you do not expend effort and crucial product development time re-inventing the test and assurance regime wheel.