AWTG reaches out to a younger audience through iYouth

iYouth is designed for statutory and voluntary organisations providing services for young people in the UK and RoI – from Youth Clubs, to Education Centres to Grass Roots/Community Schemes.

The iYouth Web and Mobile App enables enrolment and registration, supports safeguarding, information sharing, events management, group communication, messaging and alerts, e-payments and group administration.

iYouth by AWTG

Who can use iYouth?

iYouth can be used by any statutory or voluntary organisation providing services for the young. iYouth is scalable, able to support both individual community groups and also regional or national organisations that have many branches or subgroups.

What are the key features of iYouth?

A Web and Mobile App supporting: enrolment and registration; safeguarding; information sharing; events management; group communication; messaging and alerts; e-Payments; administration; security and a bulletin board.

iYouth by AWTG

Why iYouth is the best choice?

A user friendly solution; Safe and secure; Minimise the administrative burden upon staff and volunteers; Encourages community cohesion through educational, health, cultural and creative activities; Help communities recover from COVID-19; Track progress of members; and, Support funding applications and online training e.g. safeguarding and first aid.

iYouth by AWTG