AWTG to participate in DSIT’s Ministerial launch of the Open Network Ecosystem (ONE) Projects

AWTG is pleased to announce its participation in the upcoming Open Networks Programme collaboration event organised by UKTIN and the Department of Science, Innovation and Technology (DSIT) for the Ministerial launch of the Open Network Ecosystem (ONE) projects. Minister for Data and Digital Infrastructure, John Whittingdale has made this event possible to share the projects that were funded through the Open Networks Programme (ONP).​

During the event, AWTG will showcase its contributions to award-winning consortiums such as Flex-5GFlexi-DAS and TUDOR. AWTG aims to promote collaboration between projects, share insights, and facilitate learning from other participants. AWTG’s team of experts will engage in discussions about market benefits and technical aspects to advance the Open Network Ecosystem.​

More information about the event is listed here.