AWTG’s Participation in Digital Catapult System Integrator Webinar: Driving ORAN Solutions Forward

AWTG is delighted to have engaged in the Digital Catapult System Integrator Webinar within the Sonic Labs Programme. This webinar is a pivotal component of DC Sonic Lab’s endeavours aimed at fostering collaboration among operators, vendors, and systems integrators to accelerate the development and deployment of ORAN solutions. At AWTG, we wholeheartedly support the DC Sonic Lab initiatives as they resonate with our commitment to several continuous service improvement initiatives and ORAN technology solutions. These efforts are instrumental in navigating ORAN deployments across diverse vendor landscapes. 

Digital Catapult’s Systems Integration webinar, a part of the SONIC Labs programme, serves as a commercially neutral collaborative environment for testing interoperability and integration of open, disaggregated, and software-centric network solutions and multi-vendor architectures. This forum provides valuable insights into system integration of Open RAN, offering a space for participants to share experiences, insights, and solutions. 

During the webinar, AWTG’s presentation by David Mintah centred on the key expectations from Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) – emphasising the demand for Seamless Integration. Crucially, MNOs continue to uphold strict Service Level Agreements (SLAs), ensuring protected user experiences and sustained service performance as ORAN systems integrate into their networks. MNOs seek cost-effective deployment of radio alongside assured service network performance and seamless mobility, underscoring the significance of facilities like Digital Catapult’s Sonic Labs. These platforms facilitate testing and validation of ORAN functionality and solutions, paving the way for seamless integration into live networks and fostering multi-vendor collaboration for interoperability. 

AWTG is evolving from a Systems Integrator towards a Solutions Provider, taking a holistic approach to ORAN systems integration. By leveraging our resources, expertise, and experience, we deliver integration as a Solutions Provider service, ensuring comprehensive consideration of all aspects of the network ecosystem. Our bespoke solutions, including Service Correlation and Assurance Platform (SCAP), with Service Management and Orchestration (SMO) and RAN Intelligent Controllers (RIC) capabilities, are designed to enhance the efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and performance of ORAN products. 

In summary, AWTG is committed to driving ORAN solutions forward, leveraging collaboration, innovation, and expertise to meet the evolving needs of MNOs and the telecommunications industry.