AWTG as a partner to Dundee Waterfront FREE Public Wi-Fi Initiative

Today marks a great achievement for Dundee and AWTG as residents and visitors to Dundee now have access to a free public Wi-Fi network that offers fast internet access in the Central Waterfront area.

AWTG is one of the partners of Dundee City Council and the public Wi-Fi network project is part of the £2m investment in future-proof digital infrastructure, which will also include a cutting-edge 5G testbed geared for innovative uses going forward, and an interactive digital play park.

Bernard Dougherty, Scottish Futures Trust’s 5G project manager added “It’s great to see this service going live which again highlights SFT’s important role in facilitating collaboration opportunities between industry, academia, and the public sector before overseeing its development and delivery.  I look forward to working with AWTG to complete the deployment of the 5G testbed and using it to demonstrate how enhanced connectivity can support future innovation across the Tay Cities Region.”    

David Mintah, AWTG’s Director of Service Delivery and Innovation, is proud to share a statement on the recent news release of Dundee Waterfront’s Free Wi-Fi:

“AWTG is delighted to design, deploy and integrate Dundee’s Wi-Fi and private 5G network. It is enabling features, applications, and services that will provide Dundee’s residents, academics, businesses, and visitors with access to the latest digital technologies. 

It is very rewarding to collaborate with Dundee City Council and Abertay University on their digital connectivity initiatives that will contribute to the realisation of associated social and economic benefits in Dundee.”