AWTG Provides Hands-on Support for the Digital Health and Care 5G Innovation Challenge

AWTG provides 5G, Wi-Fi and IoT networks, software development, engineering and consultancy services.

AWTG is proud to be a strategic partner of the Scotland 5G Centre.

We are honoured to provide services to the University of Glasgow, the S5G Connect Hub in Dundee and the S5G Connect Hub in Dumfries; as well as to other Scottish organisations pioneering 5G uses cases across the country.

This week S5GC has launched the Digital Health & Care Innovation Challenge.

This programme seeks to address how 5G can be used to overcome challenges with the Scottish health and social care sector.

Successful applicants will be those best able to demonstrate how the healthcare industry can use 5G for prevention treatment, rehabilitation and/or teaching.

The innovation challenge will be based from the S5GConnect Dumfries Hub.

AWTG is partnering with S5GC, NHS Dumfries and Galloway Health and Social Care Partnership, and Scottish Care to support the Challenge.

Our role is to provide the hands on, practical, technical support to help businesses understand what 5G has to offer and to learn how to build it into their products and services. 5G is faster, it has more capacity, it has near zero latency, it uses less power, it can be used for private networks.

The applicants will bring the ideas, and we will provide the network, software expertise and hands-on support needed to turn those ideas into reality, and to deliver innovation and transformation in healthcare.

Lara Moloney, Head of S5GConnect, The Scotland 5G Centre “We have worked successfully with AWTG to deliver a cutting edge private 5G network in Dumfries and this innovation challenge is an amazing opportunity for our organisations to offer SMEs a space for learning and development. The chance to receive direct 1.1. technical expertise from AWTG and the extensive insights of our challenge partners, NHS Dumfries & Galloway Health & Care Partnership, Scottish Care and CGI, will bring value to the winning companies to support their future growth. We are very pleased to be working together on this extension of activities at the Dumfries testbed.”

David Oliver, AWTG’s Director of Public Sector Innovation said “This is a great opportunity for SMEs to get hands on support to develop and deploy 5G enabled products or services in the health and social care sector. S5GC has assembled a fantastic group of organisations that will provide the full range of support that SMEs need. This is an exciting scheme, we encourage any business that wants to get its 5G enabled health or social care solution to market to apply for the Innovation Challenge.”

For the complete information of the Innovation Challenge – click HERE.