AWTG supports the Scottish Esports League by delivering 5G and Wi-Fi Networks and by developing a Mobile App Event Guide

AWTG is delighted to be part of another thriving sector in the technology industry, the Esports industry. This November 18th, the Scottish Esports League will commence at the DCA, Dundee; where AWTG have delivered a 5G private network and enterprise Wi-Fi connectivity and will be providing the mobile app event guide.

A private 5G Standalone (SA) network has been designed, deployed, and tested by the AWTG engineering team to provide backhaul connectivity for the gaming applications. Our engineering team have also extended the Dundee Public Wi-Fi network into the DCA to support visitors with fast and reliable Wi-Fi connectivity during the event. The networks will be supported and monitored by the AWTG network operation center (NOC) to ensure consistent network performance during the event.

In addition, the AWTG software and application development team have developed a mobile app which will showcase the event’s tournament standings and schedule, as well as event information; navigation to event locations; bringing the event poster to life through Augmented Reality; and even a virtual assistant that users can interact with

AWTG will also be posting daily event schedules and QR codes to help participants, visitors and enthusiasts learn more about the Scottish Esports League.