AWTG to showcase its innovative Smart City AI Co-Pilot at IoT Tech Expo

AWTG is set to showcase its innovative Smart City AI Co-Pilot at the ongoing IoT Tech Expo. The cutting-edge technology is the latest update to the AWTG’s Artificial General Intelligence which started development in 2018 for IoT command and control.

Today, EllA can now be used for data analysis and insights; automated decision-making; personalised user interaction; predictive maintenance and monitoring; integration and coordination across services; energy management and sustainability; health and environmental monitoring; emergency response and disaster management; urban planning and development; and security and surveillance. These applications can greatly enhance city management, improve public services, ensure public safety and enhance quality of living.

The AI can be used for multitude of use cases , such as analysing IoT data logs to serve various purposes, creating automation, reporting, presentation, etc. It possesses extensive knowledge and has access to the AWTG’s proprietary task automation engine, allowing it to perform a vast range of tasks.

While you may draw comparisons between EllA and ChatGPT or Bard, it is important to note that EllA stands out in its purpose and functionality. Rather than being a generic conversational AI, EllA has been designed specifically for use in IoT and Smart Cities applications. What sets EllA apart from ChatGPT and other AI products is its ability to interact with physical IoT devices in real-time, enabling seamless monitoring, control, and automation within a smart city. EllA also offers a higher degree of customisation and flexibility through its ability to integrate with various APIs and functions. Its specialised models tailored to specific domains related to Smart Cities and IoT enable it to proactively identify issues and suggest solutions, and even make automated decisions. We are also proud to share that EllA’s integration with open-source models ensures its adaptability and staying up-to-date with the latest AI developments.

To learn more of this solution, visit us at the IoT Tech Expo at Olympia London where we will be at stand 168.