AWTG & Techsensys’ SMART IoT cloud based platform

AWTG and Techsensys are pleased to announce our latest SMART IoT cloud-based platform capable of measuring and recording in real time over 60 different parameters – environmental, location, metering, chemical analysis (air and water), agriculture and security – for the purposes of quality control, compliance, preventative maintenance, health, energy control and safety and risk management.

The platform has been developed to be extremely flexible and agile in order to deliver the maximum benefit to our clients and ensure a rapid return on investment.

Flexible and scalable solutions:

  • 1 combo box = up to 10 different parameters
  • Scalable projects from the proof of concept to a large deployment
  • Big Data ready (Data Lake Cluster)


  • Compatible with any sensor and communication protocol
  • Data integration (API Restful) into information and management systems:

Big Data Engines

ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning

CRM-Customer Relationship Management

Business Intelligence tools

GIS – Geographic Information System


Mobile applications and websites


  • Customers can control their own monitoring ecosystem: users, thresholds, alerts, sensors


  • Desktop and mobile access (anytime and anywhere) to information and monitoring ecosystem management


  • Connectivity secured protocols
  • Certified Cloud Security
  • SSL Encryption
  • Sensors and actuators management secured by a unique combination of UIDD (universally unique identifier) and token

Benefits – What are the benefits of our solution over and above other available solution providers?

  • Over 60 standard sensors already in place and the ability to produce additional customer specific sensors
  • Our IoT cloud-based Platform is fully agnostic and compatible with any type of sensor and communication protocol
  • Full control of the monitoring ecosystem with four levels of management: devices, users, alerts and information.
  • Customized dashboards for business intelligence
  • Big Data ready (Data Lake Cluster)
  • Enables integration (API Restful)