AWTG to share AR Expertise with Thai SME Federation

AWTG will share its expertise in Augmented Reality and Immersive Technology at the upcoming Education Conference Webinar hosted by the Thai SME Federation in Thailand. Charisma Quebral, Marketing Manager of AWTG, will deliver a presentation about the integration of Augmented Reality and Immersive Technology in the education sector. Charisma will describe the technologies, demonstrate some of AWTG’s innovations, and share some examples of how they are being integrated into education settings.

AWTG Marketing

Immersive technology has been around for a long while now; it has been used in the movies and entertainment industry from as early as the ’80s. However, only now is it entering the mainstream, and enabling people across the world to enjoy and exploit the full potential of Augmented Reality technologies. We at AWTG are delighted to demonstrate this technology, how it is being integrated into the Education sector, and the benefits that this brings now and for the future.

The event is open to public:

Topic: Develop Thai Youths to Global Prosperity
Time: Mar 22, 2022 at 2.30 pm – 3.30 pm +GMT7 Bangkok
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Meeting ID: 891 9606 0166
Passcode: 470192.