TUDOR launches the 3D open space-terrestrial network initiative closer to reality

AWTG delighted to have participated in the TUDOR (Towards Ubiquitous 3D Open Resilient Network) consortium kick off meeting.

The kick off meeting brought together a dynamic global group of organisations including Telecom Operators, academic and research institutions, as well as telecom infrastructure equipment and systems vendors, creating the nucleus of a cooperative partnership for the next generation of telecommunications. AWTG was represented by  AWTG’s CEO Abbey Alidoosti, CFO Ian Vernon, Senior Core Networks & Solutions Engineer Dr. Andrews Nyanteh, and Project Coordinator, Daisy Shi.

TUDOR is a revolutionary, futuristic initiative sponsored by Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), which strives to create a highly automated network management and orchestration platform, with Artificial Intelligence at its core. The goal of TUDOR is to reduce operational cost and complexity while enhancing existing operational processes, automation and integration with existing functions such as virtualised/automated services. TUDOR’s purpose is to construct a 3D ubiquitous network infrastructure that covers Space networks, Cloud native, and terrestrial network infrastructures, bridging the digital divide, with energy efficiency at the forefront and development of novel technologies in 3D Open Network and Semantic Communication and Sensing. The platform is intended to serve as a base for future 5G, 5G Advanced and 6G standards.

AWTG is looking forward to seeing the incredible advancements TUDOR and the consortium members have in store, and can’t wait to see the fruits of its partnership come to life.

Welcome and opening remarks made by Regius Professor Rahim Tafazolli FREng, Founder and Director of 5GIC, 6GIC and Institute for Communication System at the University of Surrey