AWTG attended Tussell’s Lessons for Success in Public Sector Sales: Tech200 Winners’ Meet & Greet

AWTG at Tussell Meet and Greet Event. Tussell CEO as a speaker.

AWTG is delighted to attend and be part of the ‘Lessons for Success in Public Sector Sales: Tech200 Winners’ Meet & Greet’ organised by Tussell. This event brought together the achievers of the technology world, especially those excelling in the public sector, to share insights, success stories, and lessons learned. AWTG, which notably ranked 3rd on the Tech200 list – showcasing the 200 fastest-growing technology companies in the UK public sector – took this opportunity to highlight their contributions and learn from peers. Rod MacFadyen, AWTG’s Bid Architect, represented the company. 

The day was especially highlighted by an insightful talk from Gus Tugendhat, Founder of Tussell, who shared valuable lessons for success in public sector sales. His expertise provided a roadmap for technology companies aspiring to scale their offerings within the public domain. Amidst a series of enriching discussions and networking, AWTG shared to fellow attendees its journey to becoming a front-runner in the UK’s public sector technology landscape. The event not only served as a platform for celebrating the achievements of the Tech200 winners but also underscored the critical role of technology innovation in enhancing public sector services and efficiency. AWTG’s participation underscores its commitment to excellence and its position as a leader in leveraging technology to address complex challenges within the public sector.