AWTG and Zain KSA Collaborates to Revolutionise 5G Networks with OpenRAN Technology

Riyadh, March 4, 2024 – AWTG is pleased to announce the signing of the  Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Zain KSA, a major telecommunications giant in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The agreement is intended to revolutionise the development and deployment of private 5G networks utilising OpenRAN technology and leveraging AI-driven innovations using AWTG’s technology and innovations. This collaborative partnership emphasises the shared determination of both companies to utilise state-of-the-art technologies and innovate transformative solutions that will shape the future of telecommunications.


The driving force behind this collaboration is a shared mission to establish Zain KSA as a leader in the global telecommunications industry. Working together, AWTG and Zain KSA aim to introduce innovative solutions integrated into Zain’s systems, with the goal of positioning Zain as a top-tier telecom operator on the global stage. AWTG will leverage its expertise in advanced 5G private networks to revolutionise enterprise connectivity, with a key focus on integrating OpenRAN technology into Zain KSA’s network infrastructure. This will enhance the capabilities of 5G private networks, enabling Zain to provide its enterprise customers with world-class connectivity solutions.

Abbey Alidoosti, AWTG CEO shares:

“We are delighted to sign an MoU with Zain to foster innovations in OpenRAN technology and provide enterprise clients with a flexible and scalable network solution. AWTG’s AI-driven solutions will enhance the capabilities of 5G private networks, allowing for automation and deep learning to drive operational efficiency. Through this collaboration we are positive that we will be able to contribute and redefine enterprise connectivity in Saudi Arabia and deliver transformative solutions for success in a connected world.”