AWTG’s Leading Public Sector Innovations

Innovation in the public sector can help improve the planning, design and delivery of services which in turn improves people’s lives. 

AWTG’s portfolio of innovations has the potential to transform the public sector, helping it to do new things and in new ways, helping to solve long established problems by taking a fresh look at ‘how we do things around here’. 

Social Care Innovation 

The demand and cost of social care is rising exponentially, whilst the supply of skilled health and social care professionals is reducing year on year. 

AWTG’s Intelligent Connected Assistive Living Solution (iCAL) is an evolution of the Smart Home and Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) concept, that will permit the individuals in need of care to live independently for longer. This solution enables people to remain within their homes and live in a safer, controlled environment instead of being admitted to a care home. This level of independence is achieved through the combined use of Smart devices, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and sensors. The data gathered from sensors, actuators, and connected devices installed in their homes or worn on the body enables health and social care providers, and family members, to know that their patients or relatives are safe and well. These solutions provide a wealth of data that can help improve the planning, design and delivery of services, set within a context of increasing demand, increasing costs, and dwindling budgets.  

Innovation helped the UK to respond, adapt and recover during the Covid-19 pandemic. We have witnessed a swift transition to home working, and to the development and use of new web and mobile apps. For example, volunteering apps, contact tracing apps, and NHS Apps for vaccination management, distribution and certification.  

 It was in this context that AWTG created an integrated clinic management platform, which provides complete control over the day-to-day management of practices and surgeries to deliver a comprehensive health management solution. The Intelligent Clinical Management System (iCMS) provides all of the features and functions needed to manage a clinic or surgery efficiently and effectively, to increase profitability and patient satisfaction. 

Local Authorities 

Local Authorities and their partners are well aware of the impact that e-commerce, the economic downturn, and the Covid pandemic have had on town and city centres.  

Many Local Authorities are implementing strategies for high street recovery, by supporting local businesses, helping small independents to compete with chain stores and making town centres places where people want to be, experiential destinations that can compete with out-of-town shopping malls. 

AWTG’s iReGen Platform combines smart place making to strengthen local identity and promote town and city centres as places where people want to be, with integrated e-trading and e-bookings modules that enable even the smallest local business to trade online, whether they are an independent retailer or a hair and beauty salon.