AWTG congratulates the winners of The Scotland 5G Innovation Challenge

AWTG were delighted to be a partner of Scotland 5G Centre’s for its first Innovation Challenge. AWTG provided 5G expertise, product development insights and support to the participants in the ‘Shaping Digital Health and Social Care’ challenge.

On 5th October 2022, the three winning companies presented their 5G-enabled solutions at the S5GConnect Dumfries hub to The Scotland 5G Centre and multiple challenge partners. This concluded a 15-week accelerator programme.

Safehouse Technology

John Griffiths, Chief Technology Officer at Safehouse Technology explained the journey of the existing Safehouse Monitoring & Anomaly Detection device and how Safehouse 5G was conceived, designed and realised in The Scotland 5G Centre’s Dumfries Hub. With enhanced capabilities and reduced points of failure, Safehouse 5G is the next step in monitoring technology for at-home social care.

Care Reality 

Ross Toomer, Founder and Chief Executive of Care Reality and Jake Spreadborough (Lead Developer) showcased how their VR Training Environment for healthcare workers was transformed, by the increased bandwidth and low latency of a Private 5G Network in streaming activity led training content, positioning their software and the advanced network ahead of existing headset technology.

DDM Health

Arjun Panesar, Founding CEO and Head of AI at DDM Health, guided the audience through a precision health experience using the Gro Health App. The Gro Health App is a personalised treatment platform proven to support sustainable weight loss, blood glucose control, and improvements in mental health and wellbeing. Arjun detailed the process of testing this already successful tool in a 5G environment to ensure its readiness and roadmap for the future.

On behalf of AWTG, we congratulate all the winners and we look forward to the success of each companies.

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