Enhancing Network Performance with AWTG’s AKT

AWTG has developed a comprehensive and fully automated platform that utilises both mobile and fixed technologies to enhance network performance. The AKT – Usage Scenario – Stability Testing system is created with the specific objective of measuring user experience over several days to test network stability. A particular hardware setup was utilised by AWTG to determine network speed and reliability, where simulated users sent and received data packets to assess the quality of experience.

We utilised our innovative “AWTG Broadband Tester agents” tool throughout the testing process. This system comprised remote-controlled client agents managed by a test manager application installed on the AWTG central data centre (Administrator Server), which uploaded captured log files to a central database accessible through a web interface. The interface enabled agent monitoring and post-processing of collected data to generate interim reports for various KPIs. By using these technologies, AWTG demonstrated the user’s ability to send and receive information while utilising the network, based on the available hardware.

To learn more about this technology and the AWTG Broadband Tester agents that have been used, read the Case Study link here.