AWTG’s Pioneering Flex-5G Project Covered in UK5G Innovation Briefing

The Flex-5G Consortium, led by AWTG Limited and including Lime Microsystems Limited, the University of Surrey 5G..6GIC, CommScope Solutions UK Limited, Viavi Solutions UK Limited, Vodafone Limited, Emirates ICT Innovation Center (EBTIC), Virgin Media O2, Cambridgeshire County Council, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Zain Saudi Arabia, has been awarded multi-million pound funding by the UK DCMS Future RAN Competition (FRANC) to deliver the “Flexible, Efficient and High-Performance 5G Open RAN” (Flex-5G) project.

UK5G Innovation Briefing

In UK5G’s recently published Innovation briefing Issue 8, exciting work on 5G in the UK—including the winners of the FRANC competition—has been detailed. AWTG and the star-studded team of collaborators will create Flex-5G, a truly flexible end-to-end Open RAN compliant 5G SA network that through its unique approach to Software-Defined Radio can adapt in real-time to traffic demands, spectrum availabilities and other changing context to extract the maximum performance, efficiency and benefits for 5G and its use cases.

Oliver Holland, Director of Research and Development, Design and Technology at AWTG, stated: “It is an honour to have been selected to undertake this pioneering work, and to work with such a highly-skilled team of technologists towards the realisation of this groundbreaking 5G network capability.”