Grassroot community applications, where are they?

In a world where we are very much connected, sometimes we forgot that there are more things than the superficial world of social networks, have you recently thought of grassroot programmes? In communities where there is a movement that causes a group of people in a given district, region, or community to collaborate and cooperate through collective actions to effect change is where we find the most effective grassroot communities. Grassroot movements are very effective in the community from organising sports, events, or social justice actions, however, they are often overlooked and very few cater for their needs, perhaps outside Facebook. One of the biggest drawbacks of using social networks such as Facebook for grassroot movements is the proliferation of trolls and negative posts that distracts from the true intent of the grassroot organisation. In some countries, grassroot movements are a source of innovations and with some companies embracing grassroots movement as their own way to reach out to more customers.

One thing that is hard to find thought is applications design for grassroots movements that are not there to profit from social activism or community development. Community-led development from grassroots movement is the true champion of sustainability in the community, but why don’t we use applications that actually address their needs considering that grassroots are the source of effective local leaders. Furthermore, grassroots organisations help spread diversity and social impact and deserve better support from the corporate world apart from grassroots marketing.

At AWTG, we value the importance of grassroots movements, hence we are lending our technological innovations to help create a platform open to all grassroots organisation what is free from the exploitation of large corporations. A platform that enables each grassroots movement to have their own mobile and web applications where they have a safe and secure place to communicate and coordinate within their own communities, free from advertising and content that exploits their movement and what they stand for. Please feel free to reach out to us and together we can make this world a bit of a better place in our own small ways.

Alliance launch survey to measure the impact of COVID-19 on grassroots activity
The AWTG grassroots platform called iCare for immersive community engagements currently have the following capabilities
  • User registration
  • Authentication and security
  • User administration
  • Content management and administration
  • Content publishing
  • Event scheduling
  • Augmented Reality
  • Co-branding