AWTG as guest contributor on Arden&Gem’s latest E-newsletter, Digital Horizons

Arden&Gem recently released a new edition of Digital Horizons, that discusses the latest digital development in the healthcare sector. The issue delves into the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on healthcare delivery and how different care settings have embraced existing technology to minimise potential exposure for both patients and workers. AWTG’s immersive learning for healthcare was featured in this NHS publication

AWTG is honored to be a guest contributor on this issue and share insights about immersive technology. The article talks about the rapid development of immersive technology since COVID-19 and what has been its role in terms of healthcare. The ‘New Normal’ has paved the way for technological advances within Healthcare, by emphasising the benefits of the technology and the opportunities it can provide for all.

Download a copy of the latest Digital Horizon and turn to page 5 to read the complete write-up from AWTG. Click here to access the interactive pdf version.

About Arden&Gem

Their strong background and passion for integrated working across the social care, voluntary, community and health sector makes them the ideal strategic partner. Arden & Gem helps build a health and care system focused on prevention, personalised care, and innovative, collaborative new models for the way that health services are provided.