Guide to building an M2M platform to deploy M2M solution

Guide to building an M2M platform to deploy M2M solution

AWTG’s guide to building an M2M platform to deploy M2M solution

M2M is the topic du jour in the telecommunication world today but the concept and technology have been around since the earliest days of communications – transistors and microprocessor programming. The difference today is the reach, scale, and scope of interconnectivity being envisioned with the pervasiveness by some experts predicting its placement into every kind of device, product or service we own or consume

M2M generally refers to information and communications technologies (ICT) able to measure, deliver, digest, and react to information in an autonomous fashion, i.e., with no or really minimal human interaction during deployment, configuration, operation, and maintenance phases. Basically, devices send information to a database within the network rather than a person. Then from the database, it can be processed by other machines. Of course, sooner or later someone benefits from the service provided, but typically not from the radio transmission itself. This is the fundamental difference between M2M communications and human-to-human interaction where the value of the communication is not gained solely by the communication between the two parties. For more detailed look at the M2M platform its key components, supply chain as well as implications of creating this platform please download the document by clicking ‘Download White Paper’ below.

AWTG can further provide services in:

  • Assessing key market segments of emerging demands and the capabilities required in addressing specific market segments
    • Customer needs analysis of a particular market segment
  • Market Research and Competitive and Ecosystem analysis
    • Growth Strategy and Product Roadmap for providing an M2M service
    • Business Model Development and partnership strategy
  • Market Sizing, Forecasting, Pricing, and Business case development for a particular M2M service
  • Partner Strategy – Partner Screening and selection as well as Negotiation Support
  • Go-to-market planning – Action and Implementation planning