AWTG offers iGlam to service-based enterprises

AWTG offers iGlam to service-based enterprises making business smarter with more chances of filling out appointment bookings.

How can AWTG and iGlam help your business?

If you are a service-based business such as clinic, salon, spa, event’s place or rentals, the main component to increase sales is to go digital. Potential clients are more likely to choose those with a website and a straightforward way to book.

With AWTG, your business is destined to thrive. We are ready to support website creation to integration with social media and now introducing iGlam. iGlam is a scheduling / appointment system that is web-based and can easily integrated on a website and extended to native mobile application for iOS and Android

Why iGlam?

Manage your own schedule
iGlam can be accessed anytime, anywhere. You and your team can manage your own schedule in real-time from any device. Easily accept, cancel, or edit appointments at the convenience of your own home or even in a middle of an errand.

Promote your business in an effortless way
Through online booking, it will be easier to market your business by just mentioning the website and not go through the hassle of telling the client to call or visit. AWTG is also always supportive of its clients through extending help with design and marketing advice and news publishing.

Save time and money
Save time by eliminating phone booking making more time productive serving other clients.

Manage client and employee database securely
iGlam platform will provide you with secure access to manage client and employee information. We will guarantee that the information is safely secured through 2FA logins, reCaptchas and secured platform with feature to download lists for your convenience. No more sharing of client details over email or text.

To learn more about iGlam, send us an email at [email protected]