iHRM Platform Manual


To apply for a leave request, navigate to the “Leave” menu in the sidebar and click the “Apply” button at the top. On the application page, fill in the Leave Type, From Date, and To Date fields. Then you can submit your leave request.

To see your remaining leave balance, go to the “Leave” menu in the sidebar and click the “My Leave” menu at the top. In the list, you can filter your leave requests by date, status, or leave type.

To view your entitlements, click Entitlements -> My Entitlements in the top menu. You can filter them by leave type or leave period.

To view your leave report, go to Reports -> My Leave Entitlements and Usage Report in the top menu under the Leave page. You can filter your report by Leave Period.

My Info

You can update all your information under the My Info menu. Navigate through the Personal Details, Contact Details, Emergency Contacts, Dependents, etc., tabs to view and update all your information.


To see your active and previous performance reviews and make modifications, go to Performance in the side menu and click My Performance in the top menu to view your performance reports and details.

To see your performance trackers, go to My Trackers under the Performance page. Here, you can view all your trackers.


To see your pending actions, quick launch shortcuts, latest posts, and Employees on Leave, use the Dashboard screen.


You can access all staff contact information on the Directory page. On this page, you can also use a QR code to add staff to your mobile phone contact list.


To claim an expense payment, use the Claim page in the side menu. On the claim page, click “Submit Claim” in the top menu. Choose a predefined event, select the expense currency, add remarks about the request, and then click the create button. After creating, you will see a detail page with claim details. Under the expenses section, you can add expense items like “Train ticket,” and under the attachment section, you can upload your expense receipts. When all details are filled in, click the submit button to send your request for approval.


In the Buzz menu, you can post news, announcements, etc. This module also supports video embedding in your posts. You can comment on or like posts. In the Buzz menu, you can also see upcoming anniversaries on the right side.