iReGen: Rebuilding Retail and Leisure Sector

Our towns and cities have faced unprecedented challenges during recent years. The physical retail and leisure sectors have been particularly badly affected by the growth of online shopping; economic crises, Covid-19 and the impact of national lockdowns.

Governments and businesses have long recognised these challenges and are working together to develop innovative place making strategies to overcome them – reimagining and reinventing public spaces as the heart of their communities, reshaping the public realm to create value for everyone and addressing the physical, cultural, and social identities that define a place and support it’s recovery.

Towns and Cities are becoming ‘places for people’ – commercial and social destinations where people meet; spend time; shop, eat and are entertained; where they do chores and access local public services.

AWTG’s engineering and software solutions can play a major role here, they can:

  • Help to repurpose buildings such as old department stores that would otherwise lay empty;
  • Make high streets more attractive and convenient, turn grey to green, strengthen civic pride and the sense of place and local identity;
  • Support local businesses, help small independents to compete with chain stores;
  • Make town centres places where people want to be, experiential destinations that can compete with out-of-town shopping malls; and,
  • Help people travel to the high street, with choice and convenience, and in a sustainable manner.


It is in this context that AWTG is proud to launch its iReGen Platform. This solution supports the public sector’s ambition for economic regeneration and the private sector’s need for increased footfall, sales and appointments.

The iReGen Platform consists of 3 integrated modules:

  • e-Place to attract shoppers to the physical and virtual high streets and tourists to culture and heritage sites;
  • e-Trading to enable retailers to trade online and compete with chains and online stores; and,
  • e-Booking to enable barbers, beauty salons and restaurants to trade online

The iReGen Platform is highly innovative and takes advantage of features such as Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence first seen in our solutions for client such as Shopping Roulette.

iReGen is provided as a responsive web application and native mobile apps for Android and iOS devices, and takes full advantage of the features of smart phones to deliver a unique and innovative integrated user experience.