Saving lives with AI powered Emergency Response

AWTG demonstrated its AI powered emergency response solution during London Tech Week where users can get rapid response during emergencies. The solution comprises of an application on a user’s mobile phone that triggers emergency request when in distress; an AI named EllA, and UAV or drone. Emergency request is as simple as 1 touch of the phone screen or during an impact. The AI, EllA then process the request and will automatically launch an UAV if there are no first responders close by. The UAV is navigated by the AI to where the user is and sends the relevant information about the user and the scene to the first responders so they can provide the right kind of care immediately once they get where the user is.
Abbey Alidoosti, AWTG’s CEO mentioned “AWTG is deploying technologies to assist communities and make lives better, the rapid emergency response using UAV is a good example of this”.