AWTG shares its SPIRIT vision in contributing on European’s technological growth

AWTG recently had the pleasure of conducting an interview with the SPIRIT Project team, featuring Ian Vernon, the company’s COO, and Taras Motulski,  Operation Manager – Software division.  

During the interview, they discussed AWTG’s exceptional growth and the wide range of services it offers, highlighting the reasons why it is considered the UK’s leading 5G systems integrator. They also spoke about AWTG’s participation in award-winning consortiums, which demonstrates its commitment to collaborating with some of Europe’s most innovative companies and universities in the telepresence sector.  

Additionally, the interview touched upon the company’s motivation for joining the SPIRIT project and the ways in which it hopes to contribute not only to technological growth but also to economic and social cohesion within Europe. 

 To read the complete interview, click here. 

About the SPIRIT Project: 

Eight of Europe’s most cutting-edge companies and universities in the field of telepresence applications are at work in SPIRIT including AWTG, IMEC; Deutsche Telekom; Ericsson Gmbh; Fraunhofer Institute for Telecommunications, Heinrich Hertz Institute, HHI; University of Klagenfurt, University of Surrey;Digital For Planet. They bring advanced and complementary expertise in extended reality (XR) and multimedia communications.