AWTG and its continued support of S5GC’s Innovation Challenge Winners

AWTG is delighted to be leveraging the capabilities of 5G through working with the 3 winners of S5GC Health Innovation Challenge.

The 3 winners are currently taking part in the 15-week development programme with first-hand access to the 5G testbed in Dumfries. As part of AWTG’s commitment to supporting the challenge, our team of 5G experts are doing one-on-one sessions with each of the winners to help define objectives, goals, results, innovation strategies and product road map. More importantly, AWTG is helping the winners utlilise the 5G test bed and how each winner can implement a 5G adoption plan for their respective products and solutions.

The 3 selected winners of S5GC’s first Innovation Challenge all offer solutions to address real challenges in the health sector – improving digital access to healthcare services, supporting care at home and sharing health information safely. Here is some essential information to learn about the winners:

Care Reality

Care Reality is aiming to transform learning within adult social care by developing the world’s first VR (virtual reality) training platform for adult social care. . The company believes that by going beyond the limitations of traditional training methods, Care Reality will improve the end-user experience through 5G remote data streaming and advanced hardware capabilities, allowing a new level of realism and high fidelity regardless of location.

DDM Health

DDM offers personalised chronic health condition management through Gro Health, an NHS-certified application which provides personalised treatment pathways and care support for patients waiting for treatment and post-treatment rehabilitation. DDM serve as a trusted healthcare partner by delivering solutions that improve outcomes, engagement and satisfaction.

Safehouse Technology

Safehouse Technology is focusing on the increased functionality that 5G can bring to their existing  product called Safehouse AI  which improves care for individuals who require support to live independently, and to monitor their environmental conditions such as damp and temperature.

Safehouse can improve the health and well-being of vulnerable people for the accelerator programme. This provides an end-to-end IoT service and works in the social care sector to offer digital support to keep people safe in their own homes.

The three winning SMEs are now taking advantage of the Scotland 5G Centre  acceleration programme and access to a private 5G network to test and prepare their products to be market ready. By the end of this 15-week programme, AWTG is confident that its contribution to these 3 platforms will be integral to its success and progress of health technology innovation in Scotland and across UK.