AWTG’s 5G Innovative System for Handling Data in a Mobile Data Network

AWTG is a well-known end-to-end technology, telecoms, software and cloud-native network solutions provider, who is accelerating software defined network transformation in the United Kingdom, Europe, Middle East and other parts of the world.  An industry leader which provides future networks and pioneers advanced technology innovation, with a focus on the vision of a single, software-based automated network which is open to any cloud platform. To advance this vision, AWTG has invented an innovative and disruptive technology system which provides a solution to some of the urgent operational challenges encountered by 5G data networks today.

With the swift advances of digital content, DATA volumes are growing exponentially between 35% to 50% every year. For instance, at both Wimbledon Championship and the BST music festival, this year, the demand for data was twice as much as that of previous years.

Similarly, there are reports of massive increase in demand for mobile data at different stadia every week during the English Premier League (EPL), National Football League (NFL) and UEFA Champions League (UCL) games. Mission critical industries such as Manufacturing, Aviation & Transportation (Airports, Train stations, etc), Medical and Surgical Facilities, ICUs, Government Research Facilities, Smart Cities, etc. demand for  mobile data surges exponentially at peak times.

This is a clear indication of the need for a solution which can readily make mobile data available at specific locations when required with flexibility, to enhance the user and application experience.

AWTG’s invention is the game changing discovery which will provide the reality of provisioning mobile data autonomously to these crowded locations. This disruptive innovation is evidence of AWTG’s continuous impact to setting new industry standards with cutting edge technologies.

AWTG is at an advanced stage of receiving a patent for this invention.

Details of the Patent application are the following:

Patent application number: 2211957.2

Title of Invention: A System for Handling Data in a Mobile Data Network