What does 5G mean to the common user?

5G will be a major breakthrough in our generation. We might be a year or two away from its worldwide implementation, but we know that many people from different backgrounds are already excited about it. But before we get too excited, have you ever thought what this 5G can bring to us in our daily lives? We have identified a few possible examples on what changes 5G can bring to us as a user of communication services.

With 5G’s high speed connection, it means faster loading of online contents.

Did you know that based on several studies conducted on the 1st half of 2018, with sample population from different countries and with age brackets of 13-17 and 18-45, it was found that they spent almost half of their day using different online medias, whether listening, reading or watching contents? What will it mean if we start using 5G services? It is projected that this number (amount of time spent online) will drastically goes up. With faster loading of contents, people won’t even notice how long they’ve been on listening, reading or watching.

Good news to online media businesses, more traffic will be created. Expect the online marketing business to boom too.

5G means low-latency connection.

And what’s with low-latency? It means that the  end-to-end transfer of data will be a lot faster as compared to 4G.

It is expected to power a lot more interconnected things or what is known as “internet of things”. There will be more gadgets, home and office appliances, machines etc. that can be controlled over the internet via different applications. Since data transfer will be faster, it will really make sense to send commands or data to control things over the internet instead of making more effort to physically do it. It can also give us more convenience and save more time.

With this becoming the next “normal”, we can expect to have the development of more smart cities or cities with facilities and infrastructures connected and controlled via internet. These cities can collect data for statistics for deeper study and understanding of environmental and human behaviors which can be used to help us forecast possible environmental events.

On a lighter note, we may also see increase on production of role-playing games (RPG), more innovative multi-player games and even more interactive mobile phone apps that will take advantage of the low-latency connection.

5G will also enable better services in offices, establishments and even schools that relies on internet connections.

We will experience faster processing when we request documents from government offices as retrieving of information from databases is quicker. There will also be faster transactions on grocery counters or restaurants when paying using cards. With 5G’s low-latency, connecting to bank systems and acquiring information by point-of-sale machines will be faster. We will  also see improvements on education facilitation. How about a holographic image of your teachers or professors? Does that sound conducive to learning for you?

To conclude, there will be a huge improvement in all aspects of our daily living once 5G is implemented. What we’ve listed are a few simple ones. These developments and progress will make us to look forward to the future but for now, let’s enjoy what we have as this will become our history that we will look back to and we’ll tell our next generations.