Augmented Reality in the Sports Realm

This current COVID-19 pandemic has affected almost all industries around the globe. Despite the challenging situation we face with COVID-19 majority of us always find ways to search for positivity amidst an adversely difficult situation. With the return of sports competition, the pandemic does not limit to us continue to enjoy watching and supporting our favorite sports team.

During the past months of lockdown, we have witnessed how some of our athlete’s creativity stirred up by setting up online console games like actually using their character as a player on NBA eSports. According to MIT Technology Review about how the pandemic will change how we watch sports, “Teams and promoters have been filling their suddenly empty schedules with video-game versions of their sports, keeping both fans and sponsors happy. Broadcasters such as Sky Sports, Fox Sports, and ESPN have shown hours of e-sports coverage, including football and soccer stars playing football and soccer sims Madden and FIFA.” FIFA even launched just recently an e-challenger series in Asia.

Fans still keep up with sports teams and personalities even during the lockdown, perhaps even more during this time. Social media, particularly on smartphones, leads the pack when it comes to disseminating the latest sports news. That’s according to GMR Marketing. Today, people are ten times more likely to check Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for breaking news rather than the traditional sports radio. Indeed, video and may we include Internet, really did kill the radio star.

Did you know that even when the game is on TV, 83% of people will still check sports social media? What if we bring you the latest video highlights, interviews and insights of your favourite teams by simply pointing your phone camera to your team’s logo? No more browsing and working your thumb all the way to the last feed of your social media accounts to see new highlights.

Hence, we introduce SportsAR! An app with augmented reality (AR) feature. You might have already heard and use similar apps using AR technology. With SportsAR, the process is easy. Just download the app,  which is available on App Store and Playstore. Open the app, find the logo of your favorite sports team and point the phone camera to the logo. In a jiff, the app will instinctively show the latest video clip relating to the sports team logo you pointed.


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