AWTG is creating Service Innovations for Open RAN

Open RAN Mobile Network UK AWTG

AWTG is developing innovations for Open RAN with focus on Service Operations where our expertise in network and software engineering enables the implementation of solutions for Open RAN integration, testing, and deployment.

Open RAN is expected to make interoperability between multi-vendor solutions easier and more efficient. AWTG’s innovations are geared towards an Open ecosystem that enables integration of advanced 4G access, WiFi-6, and 5G deployment much faster, safer, and more cost-effective. With AWTG’s expertise and advance research facilities in our dedicated lab, the route to Open RAN deployment for our customers and partners is clearer and shorter.

AWTG has also developed and deployed APIs for its Service Correlation and Assurance Platform with support for Open RAN enabling faster integration to existing networks.

Abbey Alidoosti, CEO for AWTG says “AWTG is creating service innovation for Open RAN  that is aimed at lowering CAPEX and OPEX significantly for network owners and operators”.