Digital Transformation: Enabling Wireless Connectivity

In 2021, DCMS has earmarked up to £4 million for DCIA projects that facilitate the implementation of digital asset management solutions to make public assets available for the widespread adoption of wireless communication networks. The advancement of wireless networks, especially 5G, promises significant benefits to both the economy and the communities in the UK. Despite its many advantages, the deployment of wireless networks poses numerous challenges, particularly in relation to the use of publicly owned infrastructure assets to support advanced wireless connectivity. This project seeks to delve into these challenges.  

The programme for digital asset management to aid the national acceptance of online platforms that convert the search for and acquisition of appropriate locations for the installation of advanced wireless equipment into digital processes that are as automated as possible. The objective is to streamline the transactional procedures between public sector asset owners and telecommunications infrastructure providers and ensure that they satisfy the needs of all stakeholders. 

AWTG is delighted to share its new and improved innovative platform that aligns to DCMS and DCIA’s digital transformation goal. Compliant with DCIA’s standards for digital asset management, AWTG introduces the Intelligent Digital Asset Management System, or iDAMS. iDAMS is specifically designed to aid local authorities in achieving a seamless and secure digitised management system, starting with efficient asset management. AWTG has addressed the needs of councils by streamlining the rental process for digital assets and establishing standard pricing and transactions through iDAMS. The platform aims to help councils more efficiently sort their data and assets, thereby enhancing the experience of both councils and their corporate partners. 

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