AWTG’s EuCNC and 6G Summit Event Highlights

Photo credit: Sophie Staheyeff of Digital 4 Planet

AWTG’s participation in the recently concluded EuCNC & 6G Summit in Antwerp is not just a demonstration of its innovative strides in mobile technology but also a significant contribution to the future of telecommunications. AWTG’s involvement in the SPIRIT Project takes centre stage, with the company highlighting its open calls with €2M available funding to support 10 pioneering projects that align with the initiative’s goals. The SPIRIT Project’s commitment to transforming collaborative telepresence through the use of extended reality (XR) and advanced multimedia communications offers a glimpse into the future of interconnectivity and collaborative technologies. AWTG’s proactive stance in this arena is poised to facilitate a new wave of innovations, testing their solutions in real-world scenarios to ensure their efficacy and adaptability across different industries.

Another note, AWTG’s comprehensive display of Mobile Private Network (MPN) technologies, along with its AI Co-Pilot deployments and advancements in RIC through xApps and rApps, illustrates a leap towards optimising mobile communication frameworks. By bringing these technologies to the EuCNC & 6G Summit, AWTG not only highlights its expertise in creating advanced, user-centric solutions but also reinforces its role as a pioneer in the development and deployment of Open RAN systems. Their presence, complemented by key company representatives like COO Ian Vernon, Director of Service Innovation David Mintah, and Dr. Sanaz Soltani, provides attendees with invaluable insights into the cutting-edge developments reshaping the landscape of mobile connectivity and security.

The tangible experiences provided by AWTG’s exhibit, especially with the on-site demonstration of an actual MPN device, underscore the practical applications and benefits of their innovations. As the event progresses, AWTG continues to draw attention to the vast potential of integrating advanced mobile networks and AI technologies to revolutionise both the commercial and societal aspects of telecommunications.